Passport and power of attorney services in Canada and the United States

وکالت‌نامه آنلاین

Get your passport and power of attorney online!

Our compatriots who live in Canada and the United States of America always have two basic needs in the field of official documents. They are nothing but passport services and power of attorney services. We have received a lot of opinions from dear compatriots in the 23 years of operation of the Westwood office. About how we can solve the problems related to distance and long trips to receive these services!

As we know, the two countries of Canada and the United States are among the largest in the world. Traveling between states and their various cities sometimes takes a day or more. Due to this, until now, receiving passport or power of attorney services for some compatriots has resulted in a waste of time and money as much as a few working days. But our good news is that from now on you don’t need to travel to get passport or power of attorney services. All these services are provided to you dearly by the Westwood service office completely online and offline. Just contact us through the website, social networks or phone numbers. It should be said that you are in any of the states and cities of Canada or America, we provide you these services.

Passport service online

The Westwood office is the official representative of the United States Passport Office in the state of California. We are proud to offer all passport related services to you dear ones. Services including:

  • Passport issuance
  • Passport renewal
  • Modification of specifications
  • Reissue due to loss and…
  • Change of residence
  • Removing the ill effects of illegal entry
  • White passport
  • Second passport

Online power of attorney services

Another widely used service for Iranians living in America is related to receiving power of attorney abroad. With more than twenty years of experience, we offer these services offline and reliably. including power of attorney:

  • sale
  • work
  • justice
  • real estate
  • Probate
  • Getting a pension
  • and etc.

Required documents for non-attendance services

In performing passport and power of attorney services online and offline, the work process starts with sending documents. After registering the online application, the applicant must send his documents via email. Documents such as the image of birth certificate pages, scanned face photo, completed form for desired services, valid email address and phone number, etc. The work is followed up by the Westwood office in different stages. The progress of the work will also be reported to the applicant regularly. At the end and after completing the service, the required document will be sent to the applicant by post or email.

پاسپورت آنلاین

Westwood Service Office

The Westwood service office provides all the above services to citizens living in the United States and Canada. The Westwood office is located in Los Angeles, California, USA, and is available 24 hours a day through the website and social networks. Contact Westwood.

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