Iranian birth certificate in USA

شناسنامه ایرانی

Birth certificate of Iranians abroad

For Iranians abroad who have the citizenship of the country, getting a birth certificate is always a concern. It happens to many Iranians living abroad that they have lost their birth certificate or their children have not yet received an Iranian birth certificate due to being born and living in that country. While in other countries, you can apply for an birth certificate and receive it by going through specific steps and having identity documents.

People eligible to receive an Iranian birth certificate

شناسنامه ایرانی خارج از کشور

Any Iranian who meets the following conditions can apply for an original or duplicate birth certificate due to loss or destruction:

  • Persons 18 years and older
  • People under the age of 18 who have a growth certificate
  • Father or paternal grandfather by presenting his birth certificate for children under 18 years old
  • As long as the mother is married to the father of the birth certificate holder (a person under the age of 18) by presenting her own birth certificate
  • Legal guardian (guardian, trustee, executor) for minors and orphans by providing documentary evidence that confirms his position

Obtaining birth certificate abroad by Westwood office


The Westwood service office provides services to you compatriots living in the United States and Canada in matters related to the application, follow-up and receipt of Iranian birth certificates. Westwood’s office is located in Los Angeles, California, USA, and you don’t need to go to Washington to do office work. Contact Westwood.

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