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روادید آمریکا

The importance of US visa

US has always been one of the most important destinations for Iranian immigration. Like many other countries, people need to obtain a visa to enter or leave the United States. These visas include documents such as visa, passport, exit permit, etc. Only people with valid visas can legally travel to the United States.

US visa

The first step to get a US visa is to determine its type. Depending on the purpose of your trip to the United States, you can determine your visa type. Tourist, educational, business, work and investment trips or for the purpose of marriage each have separate visas.

Appointment of the embassy

Since the United States does not have an embassy in Iran due to specific political conditions, Iranians must go to its embassies in Iran’s neighboring countries to obtain American visas. Among the countries:

  • Turkey
  • Armenia
  • UAE

وقت سفارت آمریکا

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is one of the documents we need to get an American visa. Getting travel insurance assures the US government that when a person enters the US, they will be able to pay for their expenses if something goes wrong. On the other hand, travel insurance will be very useful for people who plan to travel. In this way, the passenger does not have to carry a large amount of cash or currency with him. Also, getting travel insurance for a fraction of the cost is much more cost-effective than paying dollar costs for issues such as illness in the United States.

Travel advice to US

Traveling to US is done with different purposes, since there are many differences between life in Iran and US, it is very useful to consult with experienced and expert people in this field. This can prevent the passenger from being surprised in different travel situations.

Visa service with Westwood office


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