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Apostille Treaty

In 1974, an Apostille treaty was signed between several European countries in The Hague, Netherlands. According to this treaty, the documents issued in one of the member countries and received the Apostille seal are valid and acceptable in other member countries of the treaty. With the remarkable acceptance of the Apostille Treaty by the countries, today about 120 countries are its members. It should be mentioned that the number of Apostille treaty members almost doubled from 2000 to 2022.

The importance of the Apostille seal

Any document that is translated and stamped with an apostille seal in one of the member countries of the treaty will be valid in other countries without the need for approval by various authorities and institutions. This makes it very easy to use documents in different countries.

Documents that require an apostille

  • Documents issued by public prosecutors or notary public offices or public documents issued by a judicial body or state court.
  • Administrative documents
  • Documents issued by official notary offices.
  • Confirmation of documents on a specific date and validity of signatures by relevant authorities and notary offices, which includes the following documents
  • Educational documents and documents: educational documents, high school, university, etc.
  • Documents that indicate a person’s social status, such as: birth certificate and national card, marriage certificate, marriage license, etc.
  • Power of attorney, consent and approvals.
  • Documents and judgments of civil, family and criminal courts.
  • Company establishment documents, statutes, patents and other documents issued by government institutions.

Apostille with Westwood office

تایید بین المللی

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